1. Introduction
This document sets out the rights of  Users and Edunet.lk concerning the use of the Education Quizzes of edunet  website. The website is exclusively owned and operated by Edunet.

2. Free Use of Website and Additional Functionality
Some functionality of the website is freely available to all Users. Extra features are available by subscription and hereinafter these features will be referred to as "payable Functionality". Advantages of the payable Functionality are that it enables Users to play subject and exam wise quizzes and also to track details of quizzes that he or she has played along with dates played and scores and their progress of the subject.

3. Subscribers
To access the Payable Functionality a User can elect to pay a monthly subscription of the amount specified on the website. A User who elects to pay a monthly subscription is hereinafter referred to as a "Subscriber". Subscribers agree to pay the same monthly fee until they cancel their subscription through PayPal, Debit /credit card, Easy cash, Mcash or Direct Bank Payment.

4. Increases in Subscription Rate
From time to time an increase in the monthly subscription rate may become necessary but any increases will not apply to existing Subscribers. The ongoing monthly payments by a subscriber will always be the same as the initial monthly payment.

5. Refund Policy
Any subscriber who is not completely satisfied with the service provided by Edunet Quizzes should e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request a refund. A full refund of the last monthly payment will be given within 7 days.

6. Privacy
The information that we request, at the time you subscribe, is required solely for the purpose of communication with you. No information will be shared with any third party or with other organizations. See our Privacy Policy for further details.

7. Intellectual Property Rights
The contents of the Education Quizzes website are protected by various laws relating to copyright. Specifically the design of the website and the combination of questions and answers are protected by copyright law and the Education Quizzes name is protected by trademark of the Edunet.

8. Limit of Liability
We will make every effort to ensure that the information contained both on our website and in our quizzes is accurate but we will take no responsibility for inaccuracies that lead to financial or other losses howsoever caused. We will not be liable to you or any third party for any loss not reasonably foreseeable by us when this Agreement commences, for any indirect or consequential loss or damage (whether arising out of any negligence or breach of the Agreement or otherwise).

9. Correction of Errors
Clients are invited to contact us with regard to any inaccuracy of information that may be found in any of the quizzes. Such potential inaccuracies will be thoroughly investigated by us with a view to rectifying any mistakes. We reserve the right to correct any inaccuracy in any quiz as soon as it is detected.

10. Contact
You can contact us by post at Edunet, 33A, Rubber Watta Road, Gangodawila, Nugegoda, Sri Lanka or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact Us

33A 1st Lane, RubberWatte Road,

Gangodawila, Nugegoda, Sri Lanka

Email: info@edunet.lk

Phone: +94 772 359926 / +94 719 760399


Edunet.lk  is an online learning quiz platform that combines the benefits of a powerful learning tools to strengthen active students community in Sri Lanka.

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